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When looking for an agent to represent you and your business, what do you look for? 

We offer experience, a tailored approach, an extensive and qualified buyer database, and the skills and drive to get your business across the line.


Most Recent $1M+ Business Sales

Business No. Description Days on Market Buyer found in Asking Price Enquiries
BS6631 Manufacturing - Canvas Business 126 - $1,050,000 194
BS6566 Wholesale / Retail - Melbourne 258 46 Days $1,000,000 35
BS5348 Entertainment - Trampoline 322 158 Days $1,500,000 78
BS6355 Dental - - $2,183,600 73
BS6413 Food Manufacturing 114 1 Days $1,350,000 82
BS4642 Landscape Supply Business 300 30 Days $1,100,000 122
BS431 Wholesaler 272 6 Days $1,100,000 45
BS6717 Service Business - Cleaning 180 10 Days $1,600,000 80
BS5720 Fitness Gym 256 113 Days $1,295,000 40
BS5313 Travel Car Business 248 23 Days $2,837,000 86
BS5529 Service Business 133 52 Days $1,200,000 54
BS917 Service Business 150 99 Days  $1,800,000 123
BS2623 Chocolate Making Business 241 119 Days  $2,000,000  87
BS2530 Building Construction Business 89 6 Days  $1,575,000  39
BS1033 Tree Lopping Business  51 2 Days  $2,300,000  18
BS965 Distribution Company 77 8 Days  $2,250,000 58
BS896 Plastic Card Supplier Business 65 1 Day $1,750,000 55
BS645 Market Research Recruiting Business 132 57 Days $1,200,000 42
BS450 Major Tourist Attraction based on Sydney Harbour 218 1 Day $2,150,000 73

Over the last few years, the business sales industry has seen remarkable changes in the way that businesses are marketed and sold. The increasing prevailance of online advertising has made it simultaneously easier to market a business for sale, but harder to stand out from the crowd. When selling your business, particuarly if it is a larger business, an active approach in conjunction with an extensive online campaign, is by far the most effective. But what does 'active' really mean? To be active in business sales means to not wait for buyers to come to you, but rather, to reach out and find the buyers

Here are three ways that Xcllusive can do this for you.

Stand out amongst the other New Franchises

More Buyers: Stand out from the crowd with a Unique and Adaptive Sales Plan.

The $1M+ business sales plan follows a three phase marketing system designed to keep your business running hot until it is sold. Each phase employs different advertising and marketing techniques, and concludes with a reassessment of all advertising. This way, the marketing stays fresh and only optimised advertising can be used for the more strenuous and costly marketing such as mailouts to industry peers, advertising in industry magazines, cold calling of contacts, and face to face meetings with potential buyers.

More time to you

More Attention: Our Agents Only Sell. 

The common setup for any business broker agency is that each business broker is in charge of finding their own businesses, signing them up, managing the marketing etc, leaving only about 30% of their time to actually selling your business. Xcllusive do not work this way. We have separate people working on each part of the sales process which means that your agent can spend 100% of their time doing what they do best- deal making for you.

Risk free
Certainty: Three guarantees to ensure your success

1. You will find your buyer 120 in days or you can halve our commission*
2. If you aren't completely happy within 20 days of signing up, you get your money back PLUS 10%
3. You are completely free to exit the sales agreement with 7 days notice at any time 

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* Terms and conditions apply for the 120 day 'Find-your-buyer' guarantee.

Business Listing Weekly Highlight:

Business Sale Price:

$1,200,000 + SAV

Profit to the Owner of $600k on average for the last 3 years

Established in 1993 this business has many years of consistent trading behind it. Strong trading again this year (2013) will show a prospective purchaser that this business is a secure investment.

The owner works in this business approximately 40 hours per week and has a good team of employees who help the business to continue running smoothly. The revenue for the business has averaged approx 3 mil and income/profit to the owner has averaged $600k over the last 3 years, the owner believes there will be similar results this year..