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Everything you need to know about Buying and Selling a business

When selling your business there will be no greater tool in your belt than being prepared.

Here you will find number of articles, advice, and tips to help you stay informed and get the best results for your business sale.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers to those questions you'd always wanted to ask about business sales. If your answer isn't here, submit a question and we'll submit a response as soon as possible.
Media Page Media Warehouse
Home to some of our more succesful video media released over the past few years. Here you will find past and present business video advertisements as well as instructional and news based videos.
Business Blog Business Blog
This business blog contains up to date and relevant information for business buyers today. Articles pertaining to valuing a business, managing negotations, or even applying for business loans. The business blog is also home to our business buyer survey series which analyses a series of surveys taken over the past few years. These articles will help you understand the landscape of the business sales industry as it exists today.
Business Sales Process The Business Sales Process
Selling a business can be a confusing and complicated process and for most people a once in a lifetime experience. Spending 15 minuets of your time reading through this section of the site will give you excellent information on how to prepare and what to expect.
Your Business Sales YourBusiness: Business Sales Newsletter series
This series of newsletters ran from the beggining of 2010 to the beggining of 2012. Though it has since been superseeded with our new video news update series the information contained within is still relevant and extremely useful. The articles are also downloadable in pdf format.
Costs Involved In Selling a Business The Costs Involved in Selling your Business 
We have written this section of our website because we have found that a lot of sellers have been caught out by additional costs that were not accounted for. Besides the obvious cost of the agents sales commission, there are other costs involved when selling a business that you should be aware of.