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Tailored Assistance to Help You find the Best business for You

Are you thinking of purchasing or currently looking for a business to purchase?

On average, it can take around 18 months for a purchaser to find and buy the business that they really want. All of all of the buyers out there looking for a business, only about 20% of them actually get to the purchasing stage.

So how do you find the right business for you with as little effort as possible?

Have you considered the use of a buyers agent? All the hardwork and searching can be left to somebody else.

Xcllusive is now offering these services. All you need to do is tell us what you desire in a business and we will put steps into action to help you find the right business for you.

Your time will not be wasted with unsuitable businesses and only quality leads will be forwarded to you.

What You will receive

You would be represented by us to help you achieve the best possible deal for you.

We do the work for you We Do the Work 
Extensive marketing will be undertaken similar to that of a business for sale. Businesses in your desired field or industry will be contacted as well as businesses already on the market.
Stand out amongst other Accounting Practices for Sale Be in the know
All potential businesses will be thouroughly investigated prior to being introduced to you, this will ensure the best use of your time.
Assistance throughout the whole process
Assistance throughout the whole Process
You will be provided with assistance thoughout the whole business buying process, from the initial introduction to a business, right up to the settlement.


Engaging a Business Broker can be benificial for a business that is wishing to expand their current bottom line or expand into another field within their industry.

Also if you are looking to move to Australia and would like to own a business here, all the ground work can be done prior to your arrival.

Because only quality, well siuted businesses will be introduced to you, this can save you time while researching a business and money when it comes to investigating the business further.

If you are interested in discussing the use of a buyers agent, please complete the form below and we will contact you ASAP.

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