How could rises in positivity towards business finance affect the business sales market? Survey Results 1/9/2012

What Xcllusive Says:

Zoran Sarabaca, Pricipal
“This survey shows that the uncertainty in the business salesmarket is still an issue with little more than slight rises or falls in positivity for all questions surveyed.The big surprise came from a 6% rise in positivity towards the ease at which a business purchase can be financed. Unfortunately this rise in positivity still leaves the result at below neutral.Historically any rise in this area has meant that confidence in other areas of the market also will be boosted over time as a result.

This can to be attributed to the simple fact that the easier it is to finance a business purchase, the easier it is to buy a business.

Buyersʼ perceptions of attainability have almost always affected their perceptions of business value. If we continue to see raises in the financial area it could an indicator that the market will improve.

In the meantime, however the market is looking as uncertain as it was in the last survey period and it remains to be seen if this situation will change.”

- Zoran Sarabaca

The Results

Xcllusive survey results

The overall results of the July / August Business Buyer Sentiment Survey indicates that current business buyerʼs confidence in the market is low, with a slight rise since the last survey; two months ago.

There were only minor changes in all areas, as this survey once again found that results in all areas to be either neutral or low.

Question 1, indicating the likelihood of buyers finding a business at this time; saw a slight rise in positivity with 41.2% of respondents returning a positive response and 20.2% of buyers responding negatively.

Question 2, which examined the current market as compared to six months ago, was static with a definitive 53.1% of respondents believing that there has been no change in the market with only 28.4% of respondents reporting that the market appears to have improved.

Question 3, which asked respondents whether or not they believe they should hold off buying a business, returned a fairly even spread of results with 36% responding negatively, 31.6% returning a neutral response and 32.5% responding positively.

Surprisingly, Question 4, which indicates the ease at which a business purchase may be financed, returned the largest overall increase in positivity with a 6% rise. Although 58.8% of respondents still responded negatively, that number is significantly down from the 73.2% of respondents from the last survey period.

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By Zoran Sarabaca

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