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You're about to start the biggest business venture of your life.
Your New Franchise Sales Start Here.


By far and wide, one of the biggest mistakes that business sellers frequently make is to use the same techniques for selling a franchise as they do for selling a business. And here's why:

  1. Business Sales are a one off sale: New franchises are not
  2. Standalone businesses have years of sales history to back up the financial claims: New franchises do not
  3. The people buying businesses are a completely different group to people buying franchises

The reason why a different approach is needed is because if the same approach is used: the wrong buyers are contacted and the information is not prepared appropriately. The results of this approach are almost always disappointing.

So what do we do differently and how can we help you?

On top of our usual business sales services your franchise concept will undergo a custom designed campaign. What follows are three reasons why Xcllusive will do a better job for you.

Stand out amongst the other New Franchises Be Heard
What we propose for your business venture isn't simply a business sale arrangement, but a coordinated marketing campaign covering a wide range of media including videos, online advertising campaigns, mailouts, custom designed web pages and demographic focussed web listings. This way you can know for certain that the right people are being contacted with the end result being the successful expansion of your business.
Close the sale of your new franchise for sale Close The Sale
In addition to these marketing techniques, you will work closely with one or more of our brokers so that they may make better use of their business sales experience to increase the likelihood of closing on as many franchise sales as possible. With both yourself and the broker fully informed a comprehensive sales document can be produced and designed in a manner which accurately and attractively outlines your opportunity.
Risk free
Be Informed
We understand that the selling of your franchise opportunity will be one of the biggest ventures of your life. We do not simply advertise your business and hope for the best. We work with you from day one to help you understand the process, and to help potential buyers understand your offering. If you ever have to call us to "find out what's going on"; we're not doing our job.

Service Highlights:

✓   Extensive web advertising

✓   Information Memorandum

✓   30 Day Money Back Guarantee

✓   Full Agent Involvement

✓   Mail, phone, fax and email campaigns

✓   Access to our 19,000+ Registered Buyers

✓   Introductory Video Production


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