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When it comes to your business wants and needs, there is one vital resource you need to purchase, grow or sell your business. This is the requirement of Finance. Xcllusive have now partnered with Winquote Finance Pty Ltd as Xcllusive Finance.

We specialise in providing financial solutions for SMEs and self-employed professionals. So what’s the difference with us? We’re out to meet your needs and are business owners ourselves, so we work harder for you. We understand your time is limited which is why we apply a solutions based approach and manage the entire funding process for you. Your route to success is backed by our personalised service which is aimed to help you secure the funding that will enable your business to do business.

3 areas which Xcllusive Finance can assist you in obtaining finance for your business:


110% Finance

Do you require 110% of the purchase price of the business to be financed? Yes 110%? At Xcllusive Finance, we have structured many deals in this way to ensure you can maximise the capital required to ensure your business is funded to fulfil its potential. How do you say we do this? Not only do we take into account the value/equity in your property, the assets that are in the business that your purchasing, BUT we can also leverage against the goodwill of the business. Many funders do not consider this as tangible security, whereas at Xcllusive Finance, we have access to lenders that will consider the value of a business and provide you additional funding against this value. Other assets we can lend against are the receivable invoices in a business, overseas supply orders and the general monthly cashflow in the business. 

It is important to work through all your options when purchasing and looking to grow a business, as cashflow provides businesses the oxygen required to ensure you new/current business has the strength and capacity to fulfil its potential. We aim to meet your short, medium and long term goals. 

No Industry Experience

No Prior business ownership or specific industry experience? This can prove troublesome for anyone approaching a lender to get finance. How do we overcome this? At Xcllusive Finance, we understand you and believe in giving you a fair go. Given you are the heart beat of your business, we look at your drive, determination and strength to present a strong case to your funding partner and mitigate all concerns upfront to ensure you have an improved chance in getting the funding you need. 

When someone is taking the journey to business ownership and is new to the industry, we look to provide you and your funding partner with comfort around the pathway and understanding the effectiveness of you and the business and providing an in-depth analysis on how the synergy will persist to provide a sound relationship for you and your lender of choice. 

Having trouble with your current lender?

Finding it hard to deal with your current finance relationships? This is usually because the lender your currently with may not have the experience in dealing with the business your looking to purchase. When there is limited understanding, the lender might suggest that they can still do the job, but getting to the point of comfort is usually lengthy process which you as a business owner cannot afford. At Xcllusive Finance, we have built over 15 years worth of trusted relationships within banks and other financial institutions, which will ensure your dealing with the appropriate financial partner for your specific situation.  

As your trying to find the right lender, financial institutions are also trying to find a specific client. Its your right to have a lender that understands your business, but most importantly a banking relationship that you can count on to increase your chances of success. At Xcllusive Finance, this is our core function, finding you the right parties to assist your financing requirements. 

If you have any questions regarding this service or would like to talk to someone about you personal circumstances please call us today on (02) 9817 3331 or simply fill in the contact form below. 

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