14 Reasons Why You Should Trust Xcllusive To Sell Your Business

1. 120 Day ‘Find-Your-Buyer’ Guarantee: The Certainty Guarantee

You will not find a more dedicated and professional organisation to help you sell your business, but don’t take our word for it. Here is our Guarantee!

If you follow our guidance, we guarantee that the person who will buy your business will be introduced to your business within 120 days of going on the market. If we don’t meet this guarantee, we will reduce our commission by 50%*

2. 110% Money Back Guarantee: The Satisfaction Guarantee

After entering into an agreement to sell your business with Xcllusive, you will be issued with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

If, after working with us, you are not satisified with our service, performance, or, for any reason you decide to disengage Xcllusive in the selling of your business; within 30 Days of entering into the agreement, we will refund all money paid to Xcllusive for the selling of your business PLUS 10%. Including all fees, charges and advertising money paid to third parties through Xcllusive.

3. 7 Day Agreement Exit Guarantee: The Freedom Guarantee

If at any point throughout the sales process you are not satisfied with our service you may exit the agreement with 7 days notice. Don’t get locked in.

4. Your business broker agent ONLY sells

Unlike agents in other agencies who are required to spend as much as 70% of their time looking for new work, arranging marketing and doing paperwork (leaving only 30% of their time for you), your agent can spend 100% of their time on what they do best; deal-making for you.

5. Free pre-sale business preparation

Prior to listing your business, a full understanding of what you want to get from the sale, the business including operations, management, sales and marketing, production, financials and employees is gained.

This is done so that a marketing approach can be developed to help you acheive your goals, and so that your business can be presented clearly and transparently so that the benefits, potential and future possible profits and success can be seen by the buyers.

6. Comprehensive Tailored and Unique Marketing System

New buyers are registered with our database regularly. If your business matches their criteria they will automatically be notified about your business listing. Any potential purchasers within your industry can be approached with your approval with full confidentiality to assess their level of interest.

  • E-mail marketing to Xcllusive’s database of 19,000+ registered buyers
  • Online marketing on 10+ Top Australian “Business for Sale” Websites
  • Social Media marketing on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Notification of buyer agents and accountants on Xcllusive database
  • Cross marketing of business on offer by Xcllusive
  • Approaching of the potential buyers identified by you
  • Telephone calling selected potential buyers within the industry
  • Industry targeted mailout campaigns
  • Video marketing on YouTube (visit our Media Page for examples of video marketing)
7. Unique method of marketing, presentation and selling that will make the buyers fight for your business

Fortunes are lost in business sales every year in Australia because businesses are not prepared, marketed and presented properly. Our statistics show that buyers are willing to pay up to three times more for a well-prepared business because with understanding comes confidence in their ability to successfully run your business into the future.

Your business will be prepared and presented in such a way so the buyers will have all necessary information to make the buying decision without giving away any of your trade secrets.

8. Buyers will be attracted to your business without telling the rest of the world

Confidentiality is important to you. All possible precautions will be taken during the sales process. That’s why no information about your business will be given to anyone who have not signed a binding confidentiality agreement. If you require, each prospective buyer can be discussed with you prior to any information being released.

9. You can stay in control with regular market reports specifically for your business

You will be kept up to date with how the current market sees different aspects of your business through regular ‘Buyer Feedback Score’ reports.

The Xcllusive Business Buyer Feedback Score Report is a method of reporting feedback from buyers who have enquired about your business, designed to rank that feedback against other businesses.

The purpose of the report is to give you, the business owner, an insight into how the buyers market see your business, and what you can do to increase the attractiveness of your business to buyers in the current market.

10. 24/7 assistance throughout the whole process

From initial business presentation, meetings with buyers, landlords suppliers etc. to the final change over we your schedule will be accomodated and our team available at any time including outside working hours.

11. Help with negotiations

Our negotiation expertise will be available to you during the sale if required.

12. Access to finance

If the buyer does not have enough funds to buy your business, through Xcllusive you will have access to a large network of professionals who can help them raise funds to finance the shortfall. This increases the number of potential buyers and will increase the price that your business sells for.

13. Large network of professionals available

Engaging Xcllusive means you will be gaining access to a large network of solicitors, accountants and business advisors that are specialists in their fields and understand the intricacies involved in the sale of a business. So if you need specialist advice, you will have the the right person recommended to you.

All of our contacts operate independently to Xcllusive and do not pay us any commission. This ensures that you receive independent and unbiased advise to help you during the process of selling your business.

14. You will be told what you need to hear to get your business across the line

You are promised to be given a clear, upfront and honest picture of exactly what your business can sell for in the current market, and what you need to do to achieve that price. When you work with Xcllusive you are working towards selling your business in the current market. Our goal is to give you certainty in this task and to do that, you can be given nothing less than a honest, realistic and goal directed marketing plan.



Your agent will be focused solely on what they do best – making the sale happen for you. Here’s why you can’t get that anywhere else:

While other business brokers’ agents are swamped with paper work, arranging marketing efforts and scouting for new clients (tasks which take up 70% of their time), Xcllusive Business Brokers has been set up so that there are different departments for all of those administrative tasks.

This means that the person who is selling your business is able to pour up to 70% more time into achieving the best possible outcome for you and your business for sale.


In order to sell your business you need more than just the right team on your side; you need a lot of good buyers. Your wide-reaching business for sale marketing campaign will confidentially put your business in front of tens-of-thousands of potential buyers.

Anything from email bursts to the Xcllusive Business Brokers buyers database of over 47,000+ buyers, to website marketing on Australia’s best business for sale websites, to direct contact, mailing and video advertising campaigns; with the right planning, you will find a buyer for your business with Xcllusive Business Brokers.


You will be working with the agent from Xcllusive Business Brokers who is the best fit for you and your business. They will always keep you in the loop about what you need to know in order to maximise the outcome of your business sale.

You will be given a clear, upfront and honest picture of exactly what your business can sell for in the current market and what you need to do to achieve that price.

You Deserve The Best Price For Your Business

Selling your business is the ultimate reward for the risks and hard work that you have put in to your business for so many years. It is crucial to do it right the first time, because you will not get a second chance.


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