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Business Sales 1M
Business Sales 1M


Business Sales $1,000,000+

Business Sales 1M
Sydney, Melbourne, Regional NSW, Central Coast, Newcastle & Canberra ACT
When looking for an agent to represent you and your business, what do you look for?
We offer experience, a tailored approach, an extensive and qualified buyer database, and the skills and drive to get your business across the line.

Over the last few years, the business sales industry has seen remarkable changes in the way that businesses are marketed and sold. The increasing prevalence of online advertising has made it simultaneously easier to market a business for sale, but harder to stand out from the crowd. When selling your business, particularly if it is a larger business, an active approach in conjunction with an extensive online campaign, is by far the most effective.

But what does ‘active’ really mean? To be active in business sales means to not wait for buyers to come to you, but rather, to reach out and find the buyers.

Most Recent $1,000,000+ Business Sales
Business No.DescriptionDays on MarketBuyer found inAsking PriceEnquiries
BS6631Manufacturing – Canvas Business126$1,050,000194
BS6566Wholesale / Retail – Melbourne25846 Days$1,000,00035
BS5348Entertainment – Trampoline322158 Days$1,500,00078
BS6413Food Manufacturing1141 Days$1,350,00082
BS4642Landscape Supply Business30030 Days$1,100,000122
BS431Wholesaler2726 Days$1,100,00045
BS6717Service Business – Cleaning18010 Days$1,600,00080
BS5720Fitness Gym256113 Days$1,295,00040
BS5313Travel Car Business24823 Days$2,837,00086
BS5529Service Business13352 Days$1,200,00054
BS917Service Business15099 Days $1,800,000123
BS2623Chocolate Making Business241119 Days $2,000,000 87
BS2530Building Construction Business896 Days $1,575,000 39
BS1033Tree Lopping Business 512 Days $2,300,000 18
BS965Distribution Company778 Days$2,250,00058
BS896Plastic Card Supplier Business651 Day$1,750,00055
BS645Market Research Recruiting Business13257 Days$1,200,00042
BS450Major Tourist Attraction based on Sydney Harbour2181 Day$2,150,00073

Here are three ways that Xcllusive can do this for you.

Business Sales 1M
More Buyers:
Stand out from the crowd with a Unique and Adaptive Sales Plan.

The $1M+ business sales plan follows a three phase marketing system designed to keep your business running hot until it is sold. Each phase employs different advertising and marketing techniques, and concludes with a reassessment of all advertising. This way, the marketing stays fresh and only optimised advertising can be used for the more strenuous and costly marketing such as mailouts to industry peers, advertising in industry magazines, cold calling of contacts, and face to face meetings with potential buyers.

Business Sales 1M
More Attention:
Our Agents Only Sell.

The common setup for any business broker agency is that each business broker is in charge of finding their own businesses, signing them up, managing the marketing etc, leaving only about 30% of their time to actually selling your business. Xcllusive do not work this way. We have separate people working on each part of the sales process which means that your agent can spend 100% of their time doing what they do best- deal making for you.

Business Sales 1M
Three guarantees to ensure your success
  1. You will find your buyer 120 in days or you can halve our commission*
  2. If you aren’t completely happy within 20 days of signing up, you get your money back PLUS 10%
  3. You are completely free to exit the sales agreement with 7 days notice at any time

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Business Sales 1M

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Business Sales 1M

Historic Business Sales

Business Sales 1M

Recounts From Our Clients

Business Sales 1M
Business Sales 1M

“I can honestly say, as a person who has now sold three businesses in the past 8 years, Xcllusive is far and away the most honest and intuitive brokers that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Their service is second to none in the industry, their prospective buyers are real and I would highly recommend their services and expertise to any other business vendors who are looking to sell their businesses successfully.”

Leon J., Import and Wholesaling Business
Business Sales 1M

“My business was a supplier and manufacturer of quality metal products and because of a limited market, we were finding it extremely difficult to promote & sell. In a very short time, after engaging Xcllusive, they put together a comprehensive information package and in a relatively short time we had an offer on the business which was accepted. Tomaz, Dennis and your team were always courteous and helpful in our dealings with you and now our business is sold we are very satisfied with the outcome. Many thanks!”

John, Manufacturing Business
Business Sales 1M

“I can highly recommend Xcllusive Business Sales if anyone is considering selling their business as not only did they source a buyer for my business but they were highly professional in their appraisal of the business, interaction with the potential buyers & were very discreet in the sales process. I achieved a very good result with Xcllusive Business Sales in an industry which is not easy to sell a business.”

Leo, Automotive Business
Business Sales 1M

“Finding a business broker we could trust to sell our business was very important to us and so we were very happy we found that in Xcllusive. They took the time to understand our business which in turn helped us find the right buyer in such a short timeframe. They delivered on their promises and have no hesitation recommending their services to other business owners we know. Thank you.”

F & D, Market Research
Business Sales 1M

“I listed a relatively small mortgage broking trail book with Xcllusive to sell. It was important the book was sold for the right price and to the right person so the clients were well cared for after the sale. Within days he identified the perfect purchaser from numerous applicants with the sale settling smoothly and quickly. Mark’s honest and open communication during the mediation process kept the sale on track and gave everyone confidence that settlement could be achieved withal expectations satisfied. I feel very comfortable in recommending Xcllusive.”

K. Gerald, Mortgage Broker
Business Sales 1M

“We originally tried to sell our wholesale electrical business ourselves and found it a stressful and frustrating experience. After spending much time and effort to no avail, Xcllusive came to our rescue and with their calm and strong negotiating skills, managed to successfully sell it for us. Xcllusive gave us excellent service and feedback throughout the campaign and expended an enormous amount of time and energy in securing the sale of our company. I have no hesitation recommending them.”

Terry D., Electrical Wholesaler


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