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Most successful agency for selling $1M+ quality businesses.
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    Most successful agency for selling $1M+ quality businesses.
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      Xcllusive Business Brokers - Our Guarantee
      Xcllusive Business Brokers - Our Guarantee


      Small To Medium Sized Enterprises Under $1M

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      You are about to make a decision on whom to trust with the sale of your business; your hardest earned asset!
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      With every business sale there are two main steps. The first is to attract as many eligible buyers as possible, and the second is to identify the most appropriate buyer for your business, and get them across the line.

      To truly achieve a business sale outcome that you are happy with, both of these parts require our equal and full attention, and from the day you contact us to the day your business sells, that is what you will receive. We believe that it is this methodology that makes our approach unique.

      By taking the time to understand not just your business, but what you need to achieve from its sale, an intensive marketing campaign can be devised and executed with that outcome in mind. Simply advertising your business is not enough to achieve this. In order for us to achieve this for you, your business, all relevant documents and a comprehensive Information Memorandum will be prepared in advance of all marketing so that you don’t have to worry once your business is on the market.

      As soon as everything is prepared, your business will be instantly presented to our database of over 19,000+ registered buyers, directly marketed to high-flyers in related industries and advertised using some of the most up to date and effective marketing tools in the country; all without compromising your confidentiality. The purpose of all this is to optimise your chances of finding the best possible buyer and subsequently, achieving the best possible price.

      Most Recent Under $1M Business Sales
      Business No. Business Description Days on Market Buyer found in Asking Price Enquiries
      BS6193 Retail Store 159 60 Days $60,000 77
      BS5190 Beach Kiosk and Club 297 $195,000 76
      BS5852 Manufacturing – Wardrobes 94 1 $320,000 41
      BS6769 Pet Grooming Business $178,000 7
      BS7447 Service & Installation Business 90 6 Days $297,000 41
      BS5056 Distribution – Cleaning Business  –  – $750,000 209
      BS5345 Manufacturing – Furniture 335  148 Days  $315,000 152
      BS5889 Distribution – Tiles  297  77 Days  $572,000  93
      BS6243 Manufacturing & Install – Garage Doors  156 30 Days  $340,000  28
      BS6271 Bakery 100  24 Days $198,000 13
      BS6346 Restaurant / Bar  –  $400,000
      BS6496 Cafe  100  22 Days  $230,000 38
      BS6567 IT  100  7 Days $300,000 124
      BS6574 Automotive / Caravans  –  $96,000 1
      BS6583 Restaurant  108  108 Days  $125,000  120
      BS6678 Florist 138  13 Days $105,000  28
      BS6693 Service Business – Pet Care  112 94 Days  $140,000  25
      BS6714 Service Business – Fire Safety  100  26 Days  $450,000  23
      BS7022 Retail – Automotive  98  2 Days  $150,000  131
      BS7150 Accounting  61  1 Days  $300,000 150
      BS7558 Restaurant  –  $50,000  69
      BS5375 Cafe 418 30 Days $207,000 54
      BS5774 Gym 199 29 Days $140,000 29
      BS6161 Retail 149 59 Days $115,000 45
      BS5165 Cafe 103 36 Days $50,000 167
      BS5461 Cafe 386 348 Days $260,000 77
      BS6256 Gym / Training 97 85 Days $50,000 13
      BS6582 Retail Business 80 30 Days $50,000 121
      BS5632 Clothing Manufacturing Business 147 30 Days $950,000 34
      BS5164 Bakery 280 121 Days $215,000 24
      BS5196 Takeaway Burger Bar 222 156 Days $50,000 246
      BS5600 Accounting Practice 171 1 Days $275,000 80
      BS5613 Takeaway Juice Bar 43 8 Days $112,000 25
      BS4700 Online Import / Wholesale Business 209 1 Days $950,000 71
      BS2043 Service Therapy Business 146 39 Days $295,000 40
      BS5563 Accounting Business 147 48 Days $165,000 24
      BS5278 Powder Coating Business 165 10 Days $452,000 97
      BS5420 Import / Distribution Business 112 12 Days $645,000 195
      BS5436 Food Manufacturing Business 75 4 Days $110,000 114
      BS4823 Tyre Business 187 57 Days $644,000 77
      BS4922 Franchise Fitness Centre 192 85 Days $85,000 141
      BS4938 Bakery Business 155 4 Days $250,000 26
      BS4102 Adventure Tourism Business 183 160 Days $970,194 77
      BS4321 Butchers Business 138 28 Days $90,000 12
      BS4770 Hairdressing Business 174 84 Days $90,000 13
      BS4841 Corporate Training Business 58 1 Days $295,000 65
      BS5038 Jamaica Blue Franchise 124 14 Days $350,000 15
      BS5091 Import / Wholesale Business 74 7 Days $136,000 56
      BS4613 Michel’s Franchise 193 25 Days $155,000 42
      BS4554 Franchise Hairdresser 202 85 Days $120,000 30
      BS5099 Cleaning Business 39 1 Days $165,000 77
      BS4691 Cafe Business 127 4 Days $100,000 45
      BS4542 Cleaning Service Business 126 1 Days $595,000 33
      BS4502 Photography Business 160 100 Days $25,000 11
      BS4218 Acrylic Trade Business 78 4 Days $117,000 8
      BS4059 Seafood Retail Business 135 39 Days $30,000 33
      BS4037 Restaurant 128 1 Days $105,000 39
      BS3761 Tile Wholesale Business 387 100 Days Confidential 26
      BS3925 Trophy & Engraving Business 343 238 Days $60,000 15
      BS3882 Butchers Business 259 137 Days $65,000 24
      BS3726 Plumbing Business 264 112 Days $100,000 51
      BS3613 Home Construction & Building Business 256 100 Days $500,000 123
      BS3472 Pet Produce Business 493 370 Days $40,000 27
      BS3462 Key Cutting & Engraving Business 251  147 Days $50,000 8
      BS4242 Horse Supplies Business 15  8 Days $100,000 104
      BS4322 Technology Business 41 1 Days $525,000 126
      BS3779 First Aid Supply Business 43  38 Days $110,000 74
      BS3729 Pasta Manufacture Business 118  100 Days $130,000 58
      BS3339 Bakery Business 151  320 Days $405,000 71
      BS3613 Home Construction & Building Business 256 100 Days $500,000 123
      BS3718 Franchise Fitness Gym 85  1 Days $700,000 1
      BS2968 IT Service Business 315  217 Days $250,000 90
      BS3263 Electronics Business 171  30 Days $400,000 61
      BS3285 Florist Business 137  74 Days $227,000 17
      BS981 Fruit and Veg Business 123  33 Days $450,000 25
      BS1087 Wine Distribution Business 110 26 Days  $70,000 44
      BS2091 Hydraulic Manufacturing Business 55 Confidential  Offers 27
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      Recounts From Our Clients

      “I can honestly say, as a person who has now sold three businesses in the past 8 years, Xcllusive is far and away the most honest and intuitive brokers that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Their service is second to none in the industry, their prospective buyers are real and I would highly recommend their services and expertise to any other business vendors who are looking to sell their businesses successfully.”
      Leon J., Import and Wholesaling Business
      “My business was a supplier and manufacturer of quality metal products and because of a limited market, we were finding it extremely difficult to promote & sell. In a very short time, after engaging Xcllusive, they put together a comprehensive information package and in a relatively short time we had an offer on the business which was accepted. Tomaz, Dennis and your team were always courteous and helpful in our dealings with you and now our business is sold we are very satisfied with the outcome. Many thanks!”
      John, Manufacturing Business
      “I can highly recommend Xcllusive Business Sales if anyone is considering selling their business as not only did they source a buyer for my business but they were highly professional in their appraisal of the business, interaction with the potential buyers & were very discreet in the sales process. I achieved a very good result with Xcllusive Business Sales in an industry which is not easy to sell a business.”
      Leo, Automotive Business
      “Finding a business broker we could trust to sell our business was very important to us and so we were very happy we found that in Xcllusive. They took the time to understand our business which in turn helped us find the right buyer in such a short timeframe. They delivered on their promises and have no hesitation recommending their services to other business owners we know. Thank you.”
      F & D, Market Research
      “I listed a relatively small mortgage broking trail book with Xcllusive to sell. It was important the book was sold for the right price and to the right person so the clients were well cared for after the sale. Within days he identified the perfect purchaser from numerous applicants with the sale settling smoothly and quickly. Mark’s honest and open communication during the mediation process kept the sale on track and gave everyone confidence that settlement could be achieved withal expectations satisfied. I feel very comfortable in recommending Xcllusive.”
      K. Gerald, Mortgage Broker
      “We originally tried to sell our wholesale electrical business ourselves and found it a stressful and frustrating experience. After spending much time and effort to no avail, Xcllusive came to our rescue and with their calm and strong negotiating skills, managed to successfully sell it for us. Xcllusive gave us excellent service and feedback throughout the campaign and expended an enormous amount of time and energy in securing the sale of our company. I have no hesitation recommending them.”
      Terry D., Electrical Wholesaler
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