How to Sell a Small Business:

The 7 Step Guide to Selling Your Business

For $59.95

Small business owners can have access to the same tools and resources as professional business sellers (that they would otherwise pay THOUSANDS for).
“This book is an invaluable tool for small or micro business owners wishing to sell their business themselves or to maximise the sale value of their business.”
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    “This book is an invaluable tool for small or micro business owners wishing to sell their business themselves or to maximise the sale value of their business.”
    Fill in your details below to download your Free Sample Booklet:

    When you click ‘Get Free Sample’ you’ll be sent an email with a link to download the Free sample. Your email will not be shared with any third parties. By clicking ‘Submit’ you consent for us to contact you via email to send you the free sample and to check how you progress with the first two chapters.

      Who is this book written for?

      Owners of small & micro businesses earning a wage or less

      Due to most business brokers having minimum charges for their services, if you are looking to sell your small business (sales price between $5k to $70,000) you will find that using these services is not economically viable. Because of this, many small businesses either never reach the market or don’t do so in a way that can help them acheive the highest return for their sale. If your business fits into this description, then this book is written for You.

      Owners of Small businesses without access to a local selling agent

      If your business value is between $100,000 and $300,000 and you can’t find a local sales agent to help you, this book is an excellent alternative to a broking service. While having a reputable agent sell your business is always the best approach (in our opinion), if you’re unable to find one, this book will guide you through the process and help you acheive the best possible price.

      Owners of Small businesses who want more control over their business sale

      This book is good information for anybody regardless of the size of the business who which to sell using external help, but wish to stay in control of the process and manage everybody involved better.

      A Message from the author

      “In Four weeks I attracted over 30 enquiries and I had four offers on the table using this system. Four weeks after that the new owner took over the business and I had the money in the bank.”

      Let me explain how this happened:

      In 2004, I decided to sell my maintenance business. It was employing seven people, turning over good money and making a very good profit. Like most business owners, I had never sold a business before and didn’t know where to start. I opened up the Yellow Pages (which was the place to go at the time) and made appointments with several brokers.

      After choosing a broker that I thought was right for the job, a few months later I had received very few inquiries and had no offers or hope of any offers to come in the future. I could not understand why I had a problem selling my profitable business that I didn’t even have to work full-time in.

      Having had extensive marketing and sales experience, I decided to sell the business myself. I thought hard about what buyers wanted to know and where could I find them. I purchased a dozen books on selling businesses and talked to as many people as I possibly could. I put a marketing and sales plan in place and started selling my businesss myself.

      In four weeks I had four offers and four weeks later I sold my business.

      This experience made me realise that if you take a structured and commonsense approach to selling businesses, you can repeat these results again and again. So, following my success, in 2006 I opened a business broking agency. Since then, my team and I have achieved numerous successful sales and great results for our clients.

      Within this successful system however I started to notice a pattern: the smallest businesses, the ones under $100,000, were really struggling on the open market. For those businesses, it often wasn’t feasible for them to pay brokers fees in order to sell their business. For a $30,000 business sale, some of these smallest businesses were spending over 40% of their selling price on brokers and solicitors’ fees. It didn’t make any financial sense for them to pay a broker to sell their business.

      And so the idea for “How to Sell a Small Business: The 7 Step guide to Selling your Business” was born.

      Since 2008 my team and I have been working on this book, pouring every bit of our experience, knowledge and know-how into it. And now, years after it was first envisaged, How to Sell a Small Business is a reality. Selling a business isn’t easy, but it isn’t a mystery. People are paying me tens of thousands of dollars commission each time I sell a business. The same systems and processes used in my agency are now available to you for just $59.95 in an easy to follow 7-step guide book.

      Good luck with your business sale.

      By Zoran Sarabaca
      Xcllusive Business Sales Pty Ltde
      Sell your Business with Certainty.

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      What will the 7-Step guide give you?

      This is a step by step guide that will take you all the way from the decision making stage to the successful sale of your business. The book was written to help business owners of small and micro businesses turn their hardest earned asset (their business) into cash.

      The 7-Step guide takes you right through the sales process using excercises to help you prepare, price, advertise and negotiate the best possible selling price for your business.
      In this guide you will find:
      • How to prepare yourself, your business and all documents needed to maximise your selling price
      • What exactly buyers are looking for

      • How you, as the owner, can increase the attractiveness of your business many, many times over
      • How to price your business and make sure it is neither under-priced nor over-priced
      • How to produce an Information Memorandum for business sale that will protect your confidentiality at the same time as increasing your business’ value
      • Where to find buyers and how to minimise the cost of marketing whilst maximising your response
      • How to write your advertisements for papers and websites that will increase the response to your advertisements dramatically
      • How to discover which websites and advertising will bring results and which ones won’t
      • How to get your business in front of tens of thousands of buyers with minimum advertising cost
      • How to introduce buyers to your business in a way that will make them want to buy your business from the first meeting
      • What makes a buyer want to complete a sale as fast as possible
      • How to negotiate a deal to your advantage
      • How to organise due diligence in such a way that it will be completed quickly and efficiently
      • How to organise your solicitors, accountants and business advisors to make them work hard towards selling your business without paying a fortune for their help
      • How to create a painless handover period for the business
      • How to complete the settlement and get the money in the bank as quickly as possible
      … And much, much, much more.

      The 7-STEPS in the ‘How to sell a Small Business’ guide book:

      STEP 1

      The better informed you are, the higher the price you will achieve. This step will show you what you need to know as well as how to find the right advice.

      STEP 2

      To succeed you need to prepare yourself, your business and the documents that buyers expect. This step will show you, not just how to do it, but how to do it in such a way that will put you ahead of most businesses on the market.

      STEP 3

      How to prepare your most important sales document in such a way that will not only introduce your business to potential purchasers, but also increase their desire to own it.


      Who are your potential buyers and how do you get your message to them? This stage contains clear, step-by-step instructions to help you find where your buyers are, and how to communicate your message to them without breaking your budget.

      STEP 5

      Learn how to present your business to a buyers in a confidential, effective and pleasant way that will help buyers see the investment value in your business.

      STEP 6

      In this step you will learn how to encourage offers from your buyers, negotiate the best deal possible and how to control and encourage the due diligence process.

      STEP 7

      Learn everything that you need to know about getting the money into your account and how to effectively handover the business to your buyer.

      All the above steps have a full set of instructions and comprehensive information. They are filled with examples, tools, step-by-step forms and checklists that are designed to help you through the whole process without missing anything.

      This manual has been developed over SIX years and contains 147 pages of knowledge and industry secrets. You will find 21 forms, fillable and downloadable templates and many checklists that will help you step by step to do the following:

      • Price of your business
      • From the buyer’s point of view, identify and eliminate the risks
      • Prepare yourself for the sale of the business
      • Prepare your documents for the sale of the business
      • Prepare an information memorandum
      • Prepare and drive negotiations
      • Write letters to advisors to make them want to help you
      • Write your ads and marketing
      • Track and execute your marketing in an efficient manner
      • Complete due diligence
      • Help with the business handover
      • Help close the business sale
      • And more…
      Before we ask you to consider purchasing this book let me also mention our guarantee.

      We are so confident in our system and the success of it that we will give you a full 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee on the RRP of the book.

      If after purchasing you are not satisfied, it wasn’t what you thought it was, or you don’t want it for any other reason, simply send it back and we will refund you 100% of the recommended retail price!

      $59.95 AUD incl GST (plus $8.41 postage and handling)

      The investment is less than any form of advertising you run, and considering it tells you how to use your advertising to get more enquiries and sell your business for more, it’s more valuable than any any other sales tool you use. In short, you can’t afford NOT to buy it.

      The book is also available in iBook format on Google Play and iBooks.

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      If you would like to talk to us or need more information feel free to contact us.

      “I can honestly say, as a person who has now sold three businesses in the past 8 years, Xcllusive is far and away the most honest and intuitive brokers that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Their service is second to none in the industry, their prospective buyers are real and I would highly recommend their services and expertise to any other business vendors who are looking to sell their businesses successfully.”
      Leon J., Import and Wholesaling Business
      “My business was a supplier and manufacturer of quality metal products and because of a limited market, we were finding it extremely difficult to promote & sell. In a very short time, after engaging Xcllusive, they put together a comprehensive information package and in a relatively short time we had an offer on the business which was accepted. Tomaz, Dennis and your team were always courteous and helpful in our dealings with you and now our business is sold we are very satisfied with the outcome. Many thanks!”
      John, Manufacturing Business
      “I can highly recommend Xcllusive Business Sales if anyone is considering selling their business as not only did they source a buyer for my business but they were highly professional in their appraisal of the business, interaction with the potential buyers & were very discreet in the sales process. I achieved a very good result with Xcllusive Business Sales in an industry which is not easy to sell a business.”
      Leo, Automotive Business
      “Finding a business broker we could trust to sell our business was very important to us and so we were very happy we found that in Xcllusive. They took the time to understand our business which in turn helped us find the right buyer in such a short timeframe. They delivered on their promises and have no hesitation recommending their services to other business owners we know. Thank you.”
      F & D, Market Research
      “I listed a relatively small mortgage broking trail book with Xcllusive to sell. It was important the book was sold for the right price and to the right person so the clients were well cared for after the sale. Within days he identified the perfect purchaser from numerous applicants with the sale settling smoothly and quickly. Mark’s honest and open communication during the mediation process kept the sale on track and gave everyone confidence that settlement could be achieved withal expectations satisfied. I feel very comfortable in recommending Xcllusive.”
      K. Gerald, Mortgage Broker
      “We originally tried to sell our wholesale electrical business ourselves and found it a stressful and frustrating experience. After spending much time and effort to no avail, Xcllusive came to our rescue and with their calm and strong negotiating skills, managed to successfully sell it for us. Xcllusive gave us excellent service and feedback throughout the campaign and expended an enormous amount of time and energy in securing the sale of our company. I have no hesitation recommending them.”
      Terry D., Electrical Wholesaler
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