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Code of Conduct & Ethics

Legal Law

We will at all times obey the law applicable to our profession.


Clients, both buyers and sellers will be treated with utmost respect and we will always remember that our agency exists to serve them and their needs.


We will accommodate the schedules of buyers and sellers and make ourselves available at any time including outside of working hours.

Moral Obligation

We are aware that legal does not necessarily mean ethical. Many unethical business dealings are legal. By all people with whom we do business with we will use our character and good judgment to ensure our moral obligations are fulfilled.

We will never create a situation where the agency can profit if the clients of the agency suffer financial loss.

We will, at all times, give priority to the interests and happiness of our clients. In the event that we are incapable of keeping a client happy, we will withdraw our services from the client without any remuneration.


All business secrets and confidential documents provided to us by the vendor will not be used for any other purpose other then selling the vendor’s business and will not be shown or communicated to no-one without vendor’s permission or if required by the law.

We will ensure that all business buyers are fully qualified before being shown the business for sale. If requested we will give all collected details of the potential buyer to the business owner for approval prior to releasing any information about the business.

Lowest acceptable terms to the seller will not be disclosed to the buyer and if known to us will be kept in absolute confidentiality.

Agreements and Contracts

Xcllusive engage all clients under exclusive sales agreements however, as part of our endeavour to achieve a high level of service, all clients of Xcllusive are free to exit this agreement with seven days notice.

We will ensure they stay with us all the way until successful sale through our performance and the benefits they receive from us; not because they are obligated to stay with us under contract. We will only enter into agreements that benefit all parties involved.


All advertising will be conducted in the most cost effective manner, with maximum benefits to the seller. Use of clients’ advertising funds will be to promote business for sale not for promoting our agency.


The business owner will be prepared, assisted and supported during all negotiations. At all times we will make ourselves available to assist during the negotiation. We will never use “tricks” during negotiation with any party.

Listings and Appraisal

We will ALWAYS give honest and to the best of our ability an accurate opinion about the market price of the business and the best way of selling it based on business profits, level of business risk, it’s current status and information available to us at the time.


We will always be aware of the needs of our clients and the trust they give us when they have chosen us as their agents. And will always look for ways to do more with less to help them achieve the successful sale of their business.