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Sell your Medical Practice with Certainty!

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You are about to make a decision on whom to trust with the sale of your Medical Practice: your hardest earned asset!

So please take a moment to read this:

Of late, Xcllusive have observed an increase in demand for Medical Practices and Allied Health Businesses. Our 500+ and steadily increasing pool of buyers in the market for Medical Practice and Health Businesses suggests that if selling your business is on the table, NOW is the time to do it, but you have to do it right. It is for this reason that we have directed our focus, and developed a tailored approach towards the sale of Medical Practices.

We've taken this step, because we honestly believe that if your practice is prepared correctly, you can dramatically reduce the need for part payments and clawbacks, if not eliminate them altogether, which is where we come in.

Take advantage of our no-obligation business sales consultation today!

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Previous Medical Business Sales

Here is an example of our recent sales. We will be more than happy to provide references for these contacts.

Practice Sale Price Location Number of Doctors Turnover Profit Property
Practice A $250,000 Melbourne 4 $760,000 $210K No freehold
Practice B $250,000 Melbourne 2 $545,000 $85,000  
Practice C $350,000 Melbourne 10 $2M N/A (new set-up practice)  
Practice D $325,000 Melbourne 5 $1.5M $150,000 Freehold
Practice E $130,000 Melbourne 2 $165,000 $40,000  
Practice F $35,000 Melbourne 4 down to 2 $900,000 $300,000  
Practice G $550,000 Melbourne 4 $958,727 $585,000 (2015) Freehold
Practice H $355,000 Melbourne 4 $1,051,349 $335,000 (2014) Freehold
Practice I $450,000 Melbourne 8 $1,922,126 $350,000 Freehold
Practice J $838,000 Melbourne 8 $1.6M $164,298  
Practice K $400,000 Melbourne 5 $1,007,732 $248,988 Freehold
Practice L $590,000 Melbourne 9 $1.6M $260,000  


So how can we help you Sell a Medical Practice?

On top of our usual business sales services we also appreciate that Medical Practices are different class of business and deserve a different level of attention. What follows are three reasons why Xcllusive will do a better job for you.

Risk Free Engagements for Selling your Accounting Practice No Risk 
We are so confident that we will help you achieve the sale that we are offering a 100% Success Guarantee. If your business doesn't sell with Xcllusive: You get a full refund for the service. This offer is exclusively for medical practices ONLY.
Stand out amongst other Accounting Practices for Sale Get Noticed
Apart from our steadily growing waiting list of buyers for Medical Practices, your business will also be confidentially advertised to our expansive list of over 1,200 accountancy firms across Sydney, Melbourne, Regional NSW, Central Coast and ACT not to mention our database of over 19,000+ registered buyers as well as advertising on Australia's top business for sale websites.
Be Informed
We understand that the sale of your business may we be one of the biggest decisions of your life. We do not simply advertise your business and hope for the best. We work with you from day one to help you understand the process, and to help potential buyers understand your business. If you ever have to call us to "find out what's going on"; we're not doing our job.


Medical Practice Sales Service Highlights


✓   Extensive web advertising

✓   Information Memorandum

✓   Success Guaranteed or money back!

✓   Full Agent Involvement

✓   Mail, phone, fax and email campaigns

✓   Access to our 19,000+ Registered Buyers


Testimonials from Medical Practice Sellers!

 Click here for 14 More Reasons Why You Should Trust Xcllusive To Sell Your Business.

Please take the time to browse our site or simply contact us on (02) 9817 3331 or (03) 8560 0524 if you have any questions. We are more than happy to provide you with references or we can even come and meet with you to go through our process and establish how we can help you.